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What's in our soaps? 

Our soap ingredients include only natural plant oils of palm, coconut, olive, sunflower, castor, shea and cocoa butters. Each oil is specific with meaning purpose of creating a luxuriously lathering, moisturizing bar that will nourish and soften your skin. Our scented shea butter soaps are created using the finest skin grade essential oils or natural fragrance oils. We use soap coloring instead of food coloring. Handcrafted with ingredients you can say, spell, and love to smell. 

Benefits of Bath Bombs:

1. Bath Bombs add emollients and softeners to your bath water that moisture and indulgences for your skin. The beneficial ingredients used in bath bombs will leave your skin soft, silky and clean. They will leave you with a smooth soothing and pampering bath experience.

2. Bath Bombs help you sleep well after taking a warm and hot bath. While enjoying your bath you feel calm, relaxed and ready to nod off. One of the main ingredients used is baking soda which exfoliate skin and detox the body offering muscular pain relief. Baking soda also gets rid of dead skin cells is a skin softener. Another ingredient is citric acid which is an antioxidant that reduces the effects of aging. It helps repair the skin and fortify blood vessels. Citric acid can also help loosen the damage layers of skin. Third ingredient is salts which may bath bombs I use Epsom salt as it relaxes muscles and moisture the skin.

3. Bath Bombs jobs is to soothe your skin. Bathing in warm hot water opens your pores, leaves skin refreshed and glowing, giving you the opportunity to be deeply moisturize by adding oils which I use sweet almond oil in my bath bombs. Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin A, proteins, potassium and zinc. Almond oil is naturally endowed with this highly potent antioxidant vitamins. It is also great for deep cleansing of skin, removing dark circles, tan, eczema, psoriasis, skin rashes, reduce fine lines of aging, muscles aches and fatigue.

4. Bath Bombs improve blood circulation, as you submerge your body in that warm hot bath water. Your arteries and veins expand temporarily, lowering blood pressure by creating more room for blood to flow through. This can help you by leaving stress behind and literally soaking your troubles away.

5. Bath Bombs scents of essential oils can change your bath experience by impacting your mood. Essential oils can relax your mind and body of much needed pampering.


All orders are guaranteed fresh. We make all orders fresh and handmade upon each order. We do not accept returns. The only exception to our return policy is if there are obvious problems with the product packaging. If you find a problem with a product, that item has to be returned to us within the first 30 days of receipt of your order. We are not responsible for items lost or damaged in transit with USPS. Shipping charges are not refundable or credited. We want you to be happy with your purchase. If you are not satisfied with your order, please email us



Customer Service

Phone and email product help and customer service support is available Monday -  Friday from 10 am - 5pm. If you call during the weekend, please leave a message with your name and number. We will call you back at our first opportunity. Please allow 2-3 business days for email inquiries to be returned, as making handmade products for you is our specialty. We invite your feedback so that we may know how we are doing, and what we can do to assure that we are providing the highest quality products and services that we can. To share your thoughts with us, please email us at We thank you for your time, attention and assistance.  

Our Products

Our products are made by hand to provide the absolute finest and most beneficial natural skincare. Our products are vegan friendly. We formulate and mix our products to the highest standards. We hope you feel the quality to every detail that we put into making our creations for you. Every product of Shea Layne is handmade in small batches to ensure freshness. This is what makes our business unique and  which allows us the ability to deliver you great products and exceptional quality. Please allow 2-5 days business days excluding weekend for your order to be made. If you need to change an order you have already placed, please contact us at 312-543-2494 or email us at To expedite your request, please be as detail as possible as what your changes would like to be. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. 

Shipping & Handling

We offer a flat rate of $10.00 for shipping on all orders and FREE shipping on all orders over $75. Please allow 2-3 days for your order to be ship. Orders are shipped on business days only, Monday - Friday. Purchases will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail (United States Postal Service). You can expect to receive your purchase 5-7 business days after your handmade order is made. We only ship within United States. We are now offering curbside pickup. 

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